Sustainability Solution

At our manufacturer,we collect all our scraps and all materials used in the manufacture of finished product and compact them which are subsequently reconstituted into materials for re-processing and recycling.This is an important step in reducing waste, conserving resources, and minimizing environmental impact.

Recycled Materials

At our Manufacturer,we consider 70% and 100% of post-consumer recycled content utilization and treatment of Recycled Plastic Materials are of great significance to environmental protection and resource conservation. Through the steps of collection, cleaning, crushing, screening, processing and reuse, the effective utilization and treatment of waste plastics can be realized.We understand your customers’ demands, for sustainable solutions that better our planet and our future.

Top Seal Solution

Top Seal greatly simplifies customers’ operational complexity when moving to a tub and lid filming packaging, reducing the plastic use and also reduce overall costs and increasing production efficiency by top sealing method. This is a very attractive option for customers looking to innovate and upgrade their packaging.

Logistics Solution

Due to different customers request, our logistics department will arrange the sea shipping for best ETA at lower freight.Faster safer delivery door-to-door way is also workable in US and Canada.We are not only care about product quality,but also care about your goods delivery.Quality and service work together from us!